New Celeb on the Block: Hollywood’s Latest Big Cat Star

New Celeb on the Block: Hollywood’s Latest Big Cat Star

In the glitzy realm of Hollywood, where one star’s light may dim, another’s begins to shine. Recently, attention has turned to a new celebrity prowling the Hollywood Hills: a fresh mountain lion discovery has stirred intrigue in the exclusive California enclave.

For years, the luxurious neighborhoods near the iconic “Hollywood” sign have not only attracted the rich and famous but also served as a habitat for P-22, affectionately dubbed the “Brad Pitt” of mountain lions. P-22 rose to international fame with a striking National Geographic photo, taken against the backdrop of the Hollywood sign at night.

Beth Pratt, the California director of the National Wildlife Federation, reminisces about P-22’s allure, noting how people were captivated by the presence of this wild creature in their midst. However, P-22’s reign came to an end in 2022 when he succumbed to various illnesses and injuries.

Now, a new mountain lion has emerged, causing a stir among experts investigating sightings. Unlabeled and uncollared, this mysterious feline has been spotted in the area, captured on security cameras and from passing vehicles.

Residents and wildlife enthusiasts are hopeful yet cautious, particularly after P-22’s passing. The arrival of this newcomer prompts speculation about its ability to navigate urban life and survive in the city’s bustling environment.

The Hollywood Hills provide a unique haven for these creatures, offering an abundance of deer, their primary prey. However, the risks are considerable, with heavy traffic and the need to traverse major freeways posing significant challenges.

Despite concerns, fatal encounters with mountain lions in California are exceptionally rare, with only a handful of incidents recorded over the past century. Residents like Suzanne Pye welcome the excitement of encountering such majestic creatures during their morning hikes.

Just as Hollywood’s stars capture the imagination of millions, the enigmatic presence of P-22 and now this new mountain lion adds to the allure of the region. These rare sightings serve as a reminder of the resilience of wildlife amidst the urban landscape, suggesting that the wild spirit of LA remains unbroken.


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