Police search residence of vocalist alleged of failing to pay for massive television.

Florida Mansion Believed to Belong to Singer Sean Kingston Raided by Police Over Allegations of Unpaid Enormous TV

Law enforcement officers conducted a raid on a mansion in Florida, suspected to be the residence of singer Sean Kingston, legal name Kisean Anderson. This action follows accusations from a company that the singer failed to fully compensate for a massive television and sound system. Janice Turner, believed to be Kingston’s mother, was arrested at the property on charges related to fraud and theft. While it remains unclear if Kingston was present during the arrest or if it directly relates to the company’s claims, the Broward Sheriff’s Office confirmed the operation and subsequent arrest. Kingston, in response, assured his well-being and that of his mother on social media, stating that his legal team is addressing the matter. The company, Ver Ver Entertainment, alleges that Kingston misled them into installing the equipment with promises of future collaborations, including with Justin Bieber, but failed to make the required payments after installation. They are now seeking to retrieve the equipment from the raided property. Sean Kingston, known for hits like “Beautiful Girls” and “Fire Burning”, is yet to provide further comment on the situation.


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